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Filmed largely before green screens, the action sequences of LOCKOUT are set in the bleak landscape of a massive space station prison where the inmates run amok. Cast as the action hero, Guy Pearce stars as Agent Marion Snow, a sinewy loner who must figure out a way to quietly navigate the corridors and ventilation system of the MS One Space Station to rescue the President's daughter. A very taxing physical role for an actor known for more genteel Edwardian dramas, Pearce works effectively against type to bring Agent Snow to life.

The lovely Maggie Grace is cast as Emilie Warnock, an innocent do-gooder who travels into space to prove that the inmates of MS One are being mistreated. Accompanied by her Secret Service agents, it takes but one careless handgun to bring down the entire space station which causes a chain reaction of defrosted prisoners, a massive riot and the loss of orbit that sends the entire structure on a crash course with Earth. Creating the gentle socialite trapped in a crowd of marauding murderers, Maggie Grace must endure a painful transition from blonde beauty to greasy inmate to avoid detection and torture at the hands of the psychotic bad guys. As luck would have it, her rescuer Agent Snow is both handsome and able; so falling in love with him is a foregone conclusion.

Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun make easy work of the psychotic imprisoned brothers Alex and Hydell who team up to lead the rampaging prisoners in their revolt against the atrocities of MS One. Wielding guns and leering over the hostages, the bellicose brothers kill and pillage with evil abandon before turning on one another and ultimately losing control of the doomed space station.

Guy Pearce
Directors: James Mather
Stephen St. Leger
Producers: Marc Libert
Leila Smith
Writers: Luc Besson
Stephen St. Leger
James Mather
Starring Guy Pearce
Maggie Grace
Vincent Regan
Joseph Gilgun
Lennie James
Peter Stormare
Music: Alexandre Azaria
Cinematography: James Mather
Editing: Camille Delamarre
Eamonn Power
Studio: EuropaCorp
Distributor: Open Road Films
Release date:
April 13, 2012
Running time: 95 minutes
Guy Pearce